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DeLux Queen Room

N 1 Luisa

double room


from rub.Reservation

Double room "Queen Louise" DeLux 45 square metre are calculated by the area on two persons.


Soft light, magnificent interiors and antiquarian products will ship you in the world of ageless values. After water massage here it is pleasant to go to a jacuzzi of German firm "Gala" barefoot on the Pakistan carpets, to lean back in cozy armchairs Versace; well and "Polladio", the bed with a canopy, will make your dream same sweet and careless what it was in the childhood.


Conditions and equipment:

Sleeping set of Italian firm "Polladio".

The Pakistan carpet from 100 % of wool.

Antiquarian chandelier of the end of a XIX-th century.

The soft corner executed in a carving from a beech by firm "Versace".

The Italian carved table from a beech with a granite table-top.

Fireplace decorative "Porcelain wood", a fireplace clock.

Plasma TV "Panasonic" a diagonal of 135 sm (satellite TV).

The refrigerator, the safe, the conditioner.

The bathroom is equipped by German firm "Keramag", and also the jacuzzi in volume of 300 liters firms "Gala" (Germany) is established.

Stained-glass window of author's work (Gaudi).

Terry dressing gowns, slippers and toilet accessories.

Down blankets and firm pillows "Forte&Piano Kariguz".

Number is soundproofed. Bed-clothes change is made every day.


As a whole number combines spirit of olden time and modern technologies of comfort.


Don't refuse to itself pleasure to estimate its comfort and advantages.

Hotel Anna, Kaliningrad

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