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Juditten-kirha, constructed in the Middle Ages, has received the name because of the name of the former suburb Kenigsberg`s  Juditten, which in the XX-th century has entered into city line.


The building date started  is considered 1288 that only for 33 years after a bookmark of lock Kenigsberg and for 45 years before the most known building of a city is the Cathedral on island Knajphof. Thus, church for today is the oldest construction of a city.


The gothic style of that period gravitated to simplicity and pure lines and consequently forms of a church are simple also it is almost deprived a decor.


The destiny of church is curious in itself: it was at first Catholic, then a Lutheran temple, and today it is the main church of an operating Saint Nicolas female monastery of the Smolensk and Kaliningrad diocese of Russian Orthodox Church.


Hotel Anna, Kaliningrad

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