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Fort 6 "Queen Luisa"

In the middle of 19 centuries round a city "the Night feather-bed of Kyonigsberg" as townspeople a ring of the forts intended for a stop of the opponent on distant approaches half in jest named has started to be under construction.

It has been built twelve forts-fortresses and five so-called "warranty forts", and the first, having on 200-300 persons in garrison, had names in honor of the glorified persons of Germany.


Opposite to hotel "Anna" the fort "Queen Louise" (Konigin Luise bei Juditten) which covered iron and highways on Pillau (Baltiysk) settles down. It has been constructed in 1875 and represented the small fortress enclosed with a dry ditch, with all set of the defensive works necessary for those times, allowing to reflect attacks of the enemy within several months.

The first on storm of a fort "Konigin Luise bei Juditten" had been threw a penal battalion. In a short time interval they were lost. Then scouts have taken part in fort storm. Heroes were expected by the same destiny. It became clear that storm without serious art preparation of so strengthened object will lead to the big losses. But happens unforeseen - fort garrison, realizing all weight of the position, has hung out the flag of truce and capitulated. So one of pages of history of a fort "Queen Louise" has come to the end.


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