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Mamonovsky meteorite

Hotel "Anna" vicinities are rich with sights which are in any European city with history of more than seven hundred years.


The oldest man-made objects here are the drinking channel constructed by knights of the Teutonic award in the Middle Ages for supply of Kenigsberg by water, and Yuditten-church also constructed by knights of an award.

However the oldest object, but already not man-made, it is necessary to name the meteorite which found out in 2002 in career near of the city of Mamonovo and has received the name "Mamonovsky meteorite".

How many millions years to this space newcomer  aren't known; when it has fallen to mother Earth - not clearly.

And you can think up the version, touch it with a hand and be photographed by a number: the meteorite is established on a special pedestal opposite to hotel, and invariably uses interest of city visitors.


Hotel Anna, Kaliningrad

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