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Tenistaya (Shady) Avenue, 71, Kaliningrad. Russia

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Superior Suite

N 3 Kleopatra

double room


Cost: from 5200 rub per day


Classical interiors as the general style of all hotel "Anna", have received in this double room a total area 38 square metre the embodiment in the form of colonial style. The moderate dose of exotic in the form of details of an interior and light registration here is successfully combined with oak floors and the general conservatism of the furniture decorated with a manual carving. Oak parquet floors and a warm woollen carpet supplement the general atmosphere of calmness into which it is necessary to plunge to the travellers after a long way. Read more


Executive Suite

N 5 Anna

double room


Cost: from 6400 rub per day


The name of this two-level number not casually coincides with a name of our hotel. Here on the area 45 square metrethat degree of comfort which many of us would like to have at home is equipped. A floor watch gradually counts slow time of contemplate mood, the soft corner from a skin has to a friendly chat, the oak furniture and a ladder on the second level underline materiality of eternal values. Soft light and a woollen carpet on a floor will add your sensation of calmness. Read more



N 2 Elizabeth

four-seater apartments


Cost: from 5800 rub per day


Two-room number a total area 75 square metre well approaches for the big family or for the friendly company which have got used to slow conversations against magnificent furniture. The soft leather corner "Chester" in style of English conservatism will make room for slow conversation, and rooms with separate inputs will allow visitors, having taken pleasure in dialogue, easy to depart to a dream. After a hot bath it is pleasant to walk barefoot on an oak parquet, to tickle a foot wool of a carpet, and then to fall asleep in the conditions of comfort and a pacification. Read more


DeLux Suite

N 4 Sofia

double room


Cost: from 8900 rub per day


Two-level luxury suite a total area 45 square metre "Sofia" will amaze with a total area you not only classical interiors with the Italian and English furniture, but also a magnificent bathroom with elite Italian sanitary ingeneering "Ceramica Ala (Modellazione)". Kaliningrad hotel "Anna". Thus the queen of a bathroom, and all number, the jacuzzi the Italian of firm "Albatross" in volume of 400 liters is, of course. The weakened rest after water massage to you will provide the Italian sleeping set "Francheska", and in the morning antiquarian hours of a XIX-th century again will return you in comfort and luxury conditions. Don't refuse to itself pleasure to plunge into pleasure atmosphere!  Read more


DeLux Queen Room

N 1 Luisa

double room


Cost: from 6900 rub per day


Rooms "Queen Louise" DeLux 45 square metre are calculated by the area on two persons. Soft light, magnificent interiors and antiquarian products will ship you in the world of ageless values. After water massage here it is pleasant to go to a jacuzzi of German firm "Gala" barefoot on the Pakistan carpets, to lean back in cozy armchairs Versace; well and "Polladio", the bed with a canopy, will make your dream same sweet and careless what it was in the childhood. Read more


Presidential Suite

N 6 Nefertiti

four-seater apartments


Cost: from 11900 rub per day


Suite with VIP-sauna

№7 Sauna "Kaliningrad"

for two persons

Cost: from 8100 rubles

Book sauna

At the finish of the VIP-sauna has invested more than $ 200 000. Sauna room is located on the ground floor of the building, the total area is 88 sq.m. Detailed descriptions and pictures of the sauna


Superior King Suite

N 8 Екатерина Вторая

double room

Екатерина Вторая

Cost: from 5900 rub per day


Hotel "Anna" Kaliningrad

Russia. Kaliningrad Hotel Anna

"The classics is always modern!"

(George Bernard Shaw)


Luxury Kaliningrad boutique hotel "Anna" is located in ancient park area Juditten in a historical part of Kaliningrad. Here are always glad to visitors and are ready to offer them comfortable conditions of residing and additional services. Hotel "Anna" Kaliningrad perfectly will approach those who dreams to live in green area among low city building. It guarantees to visitors silence and rest during rest, and the small size of hotel will allow you to avoid presence of the noisy companies and unduly cheerful neighbours. For this reason kaliningrad`s hotel "Anna" as residence often is chosen by cinematographers and stars of show business.


The hotel is conveniently located concerning the main city lines, and you should not stand in stoppers to reach to city centre, to coast and in the airport.Russia. Anna Hotel Kaliningrad.

The building of kaliningrad hotel "Anna" has been constructed about 1910 and after 90th years has undergone full reconstruction. Today in hotel 4 apartments and 3 numbers calculated on one- two- and four-seater placing. Magnificent furnish of numbers (a manual carving, natural stained-glass windows, antiques, patent furniture) and classical interiors will make your stay in Kaliningrad hotel "Anna" unforgettable! Russia. Hotel Kaliningrad Anna .

Add to your life some of eternal classics! Classics and independence always in a fashion!


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